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That girl in the back with her hand up
17 November 2013 @ 08:34 pm
This is not a quick recipe.

You start this recipe the day before, soaking the beans. Then you work on it some more the following afternoon, boiling the chicken. Then you put the actual chili together, and it has to boil for a ridiculous amount of time.

That said, it's not a difficult recipe. You put the beans on to soak and forget about them until you're ready for them. You put the chicken in to boil and forget about it until you're ready to make the rest of the stew. You spend maybe half an hour pulling the chicken off the bones and chopping onions, but then you have your chili all assembled and get to ignore it, for the most, while it cooks. I made this for the first time in November 2013, and in the whole process managed to: a) write 5k on my NaNo, b) rake all the leaves out of the garden (we'd been ignoring them for months), c) watch some anime, d) watch some of a movie (it was kind of boring), e) nap a lot, f) make a ginormous pot of okra and tomatoes ... you get the picture.

Yes, this could be made with tinned beans and cubed chicken breast, but it WON'T taste as nice, I can guarantee. It makes a ton of food, so you know it's completely worth the effort.

Give it a go. See if I'm wrong. (I'm not.)

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