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That girl in the back with her hand up
17 November 2013 @ 08:34 pm
This is not a quick recipe.

You start this recipe the day before, soaking the beans. Then you work on it some more the following afternoon, boiling the chicken. Then you put the actual chili together, and it has to boil for a ridiculous amount of time.

That said, it's not a difficult recipe. You put the beans on to soak and forget about them until you're ready for them. You put the chicken in to boil and forget about it until you're ready to make the rest of the stew. You spend maybe half an hour pulling the chicken off the bones and chopping onions, but then you have your chili all assembled and get to ignore it, for the most, while it cooks. I made this for the first time in November 2013, and in the whole process managed to: a) write 5k on my NaNo, b) rake all the leaves out of the garden (we'd been ignoring them for months), c) watch some anime, d) watch some of a movie (it was kind of boring), e) nap a lot, f) make a ginormous pot of okra and tomatoes ... you get the picture.

Yes, this could be made with tinned beans and cubed chicken breast, but it WON'T taste as nice, I can guarantee. It makes a ton of food, so you know it's completely worth the effort.

Give it a go. See if I'm wrong. (I'm not.)

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That girl in the back with her hand up
21 July 2013 @ 03:34 pm
This recipe's great-great bastard grandfather was a pinterest recipe, but the original is so bad and this version is so good that really, they're only kind of related and don't even attend the same family reunions anymore.

Seriously, the original had no ingredient amounts listed and tasted like boiled cardboard. My version is measured, delicious, and all-around superior.

And faster. Way, way faster. Enjoy!

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That girl in the back with her hand up
Confession: I have a thing for sweet potatoes.

For eating them. And cooking with them. They're just such an excellent food, really - great color, great texture, GREAT flavor that goes well with salty and sweet dishes alike, and they're good for you, all kinds of minerals in them, enough carbs for someone like me who bikes way too much, etc. From time to time, I get a craving for sweet potatoes and go off looking for a recipe that revolves around them.

That's how I found this recipe originally. Got so excited about it that I went and bought all of the ingredients before actually reading the recipe, which means I now had all the stuff to make this but had no interest in it because seriously who has time to quarter snowpeas length-wise you guys come ON.

Not one to waste good food, I mostly followed the recipe, cut some corners where chopping was concerned, added some flavors because it was REALLY not spicy enough, and the result? Turned out to be one of our new favorite meals. It's delicious, it's ridiculously good for you, and it makes enough leftovers that, for a pair of people, it feeds us for six days straight. You can't beat that!

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That girl in the back with her hand up
07 July 2013 @ 08:09 pm
This recipe is straight-up chicken yakisoba, but oh dear god I'm drunk 'cause we had to season our wok before using it for the first time, and it's fucking hot here, which means that it was EVEN HOTTER in our kitchen, so to cool off I had a beer, then I had another beer with dinner (which was SO GOOD OH MY GOD) and now I'm sitting here, full and fat and sassy and SUPER DRUNK trying to upload a recipe on my blog using a miniature keyboard and IT REALLY ISN'T WORKING OUT SO GREAT.

Other title options included "Wok the Wok Yakisoba" and "Rock the Wok Yakisoba," and may be in fact used later after I sober up and realize that I shouldn't be allowed on Livejournal when drunk.



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That girl in the back with her hand up
It's been ages since I last used this journal for anything but recipes, but I need to get this off my chest, and I need to get it off my chest NOW.

I have an acquaintance from university. We'll call him R. R and I have a few things in common:

- We're both from Ohio
- We both graduated from Ohio University
- We attended the same 3-month study abroad program to Japan in 2003
- We're both White
- We're both married to members of the opposite sex

We have many more things not in common, such as:

- He is male, I'm female
- He has a child (a daughter); I have a cat (no children)
- He's politically conservative; I tend more towards social liberalism

You get one guess which one of these items brought about this blog post.

Specifically, it's his feelings on abortion. Now, I know this will probably annoy most men out there, but I don't really think guys should have much of a say when it comes to abortion. I really don't. Yes, a baby belongs to both its mother and its father, but the mother has a much deeper investment in the first nine months of the proceedings, at very least, not counting the physical and emotional aftermath of birth. I feel that a woman should have the right to choose, or if she doesn't have that right, she should be fully supported - emotionally and financially - by the man who got her pregnant. I could say much more on this, but I'll move on now.

Three things precipitate this blog entry. They are:

1) R posting on his facebook that he will not allow his daughter to be a girlscout because the Girlscouts of America support abortion. I didn't read the article he linked, but I'm pretty sure he's glossing. That's like saying that the GSA wants everyone to be trans* just because they let one trans* girl join a GSA chapter. Glossing big-time.

2) R posting on his facebook that a woman's right to choose should be eclipsed by the fact that unborn children can feel pain.

3) R posting this image IMMEDIATELY prior to the post referenced in #2. The image is cut off there, but it's a mural painting of a blonde woman in a bikini looking seductively at the camera, a bottle of Budweiser beer painted next to her, as tall as her painting. Two boys, maybe aged 10 and 8, stand in front of the mural, with one of them reaching up, trying to touch the woman-mural's nipple. R posted with the caption: "Heh heh, we start early." You can see the full image here.

I ... am horrified by this.

This tells me: "A woman's body is not her own. She should not get to choose what to do with it. Her body is for men's use and pleasure."

This tells me: "I will raise a girl to see women as a tool for men's pleasure and keep her away from groups where she might learn differently."

This tells me: "I choose what happens to my daughter's body, because my choices matter more than hers."

I'm physically sick to my stomach over this. His posts about President Obama being a socialist and big government being all 1984 and blah blah blah are fine - they're not my opinions, but I learned in graduate school to value seeing the opinions of those who differ from me so as better to refine, consider, and express my own values and opinions. But this? This is a father who unabashedly views the world and engages the world in a way that WILL damage his daughter. He, and men like him, are the cause of so many social ills suffered by women. He would claim that he loves women, but he really only loves the pleasure and services provided to him by women.

Men like this hate women. And I deeply, truly, hate him for it, and for the fact that I have honestly no idea what to do to fix the situation or make changes that will balance out the bad he's introducing into the world.
That girl in the back with her hand up
I love banana bread, nice 'n warm with an irresponsible amount of butter spread over it, melting and making it taste so very, very nice. It's one of the top-most items in my list of comfort foods, and my heart was therefore broken when I realized we needed to reduce our cholesterol, ruling out foods that involve irresponsible amounts of butter.

This recipe does not involve butter. It doesn't involve oil of any kind. It's actually kind of completely health food, but it tastes SO good that you legitimately can't tell it's good for you.

Mostly, I make this bread, eat way too much of it at each sitting, decide it can't POSSIBLY be as good for me as it is, and then sit around and wait for it to kill me.

Fortunately, I suspect I'll be waiting a very long time. Enjoy!

I Refuse to Believe this is Good for Me Banana BreadCollapse )
That girl in the back with her hand up
30 April 2013 @ 05:40 pm
"If these were any easier, they'd be pecan sluts."

And thus, a recipe was born.

I had in mind to make chocolate-covered almonds and ended up instead with a recipe for chocolate-covered pecans. Which would be great, except that this recipe is outstanding, so instead it's exceptionally great. Which works for me.

The original recipe is almost identical to what I've written here, save that I wouldn't know agave if it bit me and don't think the recipe needs it at all. Oh, and I specified the amount of chocolate to use because I love you that much. The original author didn't because I didn't take her to prom last year.

My bad.

Give these a go, take them to work, make friends there for life. Seriously. These are worth a lifelong promise of friendship.


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That girl in the back with her hand up
28 April 2013 @ 09:56 am
Yet another attempt at eating healthier! This is a great way to make chicken - it's low cholesterol, decently low-carb (compared to other ways of breading chicken), and it makes a really, really good chicken breast: moist, flavorful, soft, mmm. Very tasty.

The original recipe called for cowmilk, but I make mine with soymilk because it's better than cowmilk on the cholesterol front, and I use Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs, but regular breadcrumbs would probably work just as well.

This goes so very amazingly well with my Chick(pea)s Dig French Onion Soup that I nearly posted them as one thing, but didn't for reasons.


Cross-the-Road Spicy Baked Chicken BreastCollapse )
That girl in the back with her hand up
28 April 2013 @ 09:39 am
This recipe is the embodiment of proof that eating healthy can be unbelievably delicious.

We learned recently that our cholesterol, where not high, is higher than it should be, considering how much bicycling we do, which is a bummer, but not really surprising considering how much meat, eggs, and cheese we eat. See, we figured that a) we needed more protein in our diets because of the cycling, and b) we could get away with eating whatever we wanted because of all the cycling. Haha, no. Not at all.

The new plan, in light of the cholesterol thing, was to eat protein, sure, but to make sure we were eating more vegetables as well. So still getting plenty of food, but making a larger percentage of food vegetable instead of meat and bread/rice/pasta.

This recipe embodies that. It's full of onions - delicious, delicious onions - but it's also got lots of protein in it (thanks to the chickpeas) and tons of flavor, thanks to the spices and broth and cheese. Doesn't need a lot of cheese, and the type of cheese used means that the flavor of the cheese goes a long way. I had to double the amount of broth from the original recipe, but other than that, the original's awesome. I'm really grateful to the person who posted it for doing so. No really, I am.

I usually serve this soup with a Cross-the-Road Spicy Baked Chicken Breast each, and a side-serving of either steamed broccoli or steamed asparagus. It's a full meal, it's a delicious meal, and I'm sitting here drooling and thinking it might be time to bike to the store to buy some onions and cheese.

Seriously. That good.


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That girl in the back with her hand up
I currently live in the Greater Boston Area (and hope to continue doing so for the rest of my days, because this part of the U.S. is wonderful), but I'm originally from southern Ohio, and was raised by parents who were born and raised in Tennessee and southern West Virginia. Means I've got a deep love for southern cooking, and a complete lack of decent southern food up here (though the beer you can get up here is wild - who knew beers came in flavors???).

I was feeling deeply homesick yesterday for some reason (it happens) and happened to have a package of fresh okra in my refrigerator (I tend to impulse-buy okra; no, I'm not normal), so when I got home from work, I baked a pan of cornbread and googled for a good okra/tomatoes recipe that only called for stuff I had in the house.

Consider me completely shocked and thrilled that the recipe I found:
--> Had all the ingredients listed in order;
--> Had the instructions written out clearly and not in massive paragraph form; and
--> Was perfect. Like, it actually didn't need any changes. At all. Except that I'm planning to add a cup of cooked black beans to the recipe the next time I cook it because I'm a cyclist and need protein in my diet.

That never happens.

I feel like a bit of a jerk for uploading a recipe to my blog that I didn't change at all, but sometimes recipes disappear off the internet, so it's here for my reference. Oh, and truth be told, I did remove the tumeric from the recipe, but that's just because I didn't have tumeric in the house. I'm sure the recipe's great if you add it in.

So without further ado, here is About.com's Okra and Tomatoes recipe, which made this homesick southern girl very, very happy.


Cure for Homesickness Okra and Tomatoes (with cornbread)Collapse )