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24 June 2013 @ 09:00 am
As a woman who hates men who hate women ...  
It's been ages since I last used this journal for anything but recipes, but I need to get this off my chest, and I need to get it off my chest NOW.

I have an acquaintance from university. We'll call him R. R and I have a few things in common:

- We're both from Ohio
- We both graduated from Ohio University
- We attended the same 3-month study abroad program to Japan in 2003
- We're both White
- We're both married to members of the opposite sex

We have many more things not in common, such as:

- He is male, I'm female
- He has a child (a daughter); I have a cat (no children)
- He's politically conservative; I tend more towards social liberalism

You get one guess which one of these items brought about this blog post.

Specifically, it's his feelings on abortion. Now, I know this will probably annoy most men out there, but I don't really think guys should have much of a say when it comes to abortion. I really don't. Yes, a baby belongs to both its mother and its father, but the mother has a much deeper investment in the first nine months of the proceedings, at very least, not counting the physical and emotional aftermath of birth. I feel that a woman should have the right to choose, or if she doesn't have that right, she should be fully supported - emotionally and financially - by the man who got her pregnant. I could say much more on this, but I'll move on now.

Three things precipitate this blog entry. They are:

1) R posting on his facebook that he will not allow his daughter to be a girlscout because the Girlscouts of America support abortion. I didn't read the article he linked, but I'm pretty sure he's glossing. That's like saying that the GSA wants everyone to be trans* just because they let one trans* girl join a GSA chapter. Glossing big-time.

2) R posting on his facebook that a woman's right to choose should be eclipsed by the fact that unborn children can feel pain.

3) R posting this image IMMEDIATELY prior to the post referenced in #2. The image is cut off there, but it's a mural painting of a blonde woman in a bikini looking seductively at the camera, a bottle of Budweiser beer painted next to her, as tall as her painting. Two boys, maybe aged 10 and 8, stand in front of the mural, with one of them reaching up, trying to touch the woman-mural's nipple. R posted with the caption: "Heh heh, we start early." You can see the full image here.

I ... am horrified by this.

This tells me: "A woman's body is not her own. She should not get to choose what to do with it. Her body is for men's use and pleasure."

This tells me: "I will raise a girl to see women as a tool for men's pleasure and keep her away from groups where she might learn differently."

This tells me: "I choose what happens to my daughter's body, because my choices matter more than hers."

I'm physically sick to my stomach over this. His posts about President Obama being a socialist and big government being all 1984 and blah blah blah are fine - they're not my opinions, but I learned in graduate school to value seeing the opinions of those who differ from me so as better to refine, consider, and express my own values and opinions. But this? This is a father who unabashedly views the world and engages the world in a way that WILL damage his daughter. He, and men like him, are the cause of so many social ills suffered by women. He would claim that he loves women, but he really only loves the pleasure and services provided to him by women.

Men like this hate women. And I deeply, truly, hate him for it, and for the fact that I have honestly no idea what to do to fix the situation or make changes that will balance out the bad he's introducing into the world.