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30 April 2013 @ 05:40 pm
Pecan Harlots  
"If these were any easier, they'd be pecan sluts."

And thus, a recipe was born.

I had in mind to make chocolate-covered almonds and ended up instead with a recipe for chocolate-covered pecans. Which would be great, except that this recipe is outstanding, so instead it's exceptionally great. Which works for me.

The original recipe is almost identical to what I've written here, save that I wouldn't know agave if it bit me and don't think the recipe needs it at all. Oh, and I specified the amount of chocolate to use because I love you that much. The original author didn't because I didn't take her to prom last year.

My bad.

Give these a go, take them to work, make friends there for life. Seriously. These are worth a lifelong promise of friendship.


Pecan Harlots

10 oz chocolate (I used 60% cacao dark chocolate chips, but seriously, any chocolate will work)
96 pecans (or thereabouts - just get a bag of pecan halves)
24 small pinches coarse sea salt (now I'm just being ridiculous)

- Place either a sheet of wax or parchment paper or a seriously sweet silicone baking mat on a cookie sheet or other flat refrigeratable surface. A sturdy piece of cardboard would do.
- Clump your pecans on the mat/paper. You can make a very decent pecan harlot out of 5 pecans, or a sensible pecan harlot out of 2 pecans. Depends on what you want, really.
- Put the chocolate into a microwave-safe dish. If you're using bar chocolate, break it into pieces.
- Microwave the chocolate for 1 minute.
- Stir a bit.
- Microwave for another minute.
- Stir.
- If the chocolate's not completely melted by this point, your microwave sucks run it for another 15-20 seconds.
- Using a spoon, spoon the chocolate over the clusters. Do not worry about making this neat and orderly. It won't be, doesn't need to be, and won't be no matter how much you want it to be.
- Sprinkle a generous pinch of sea salt over each cluster.
- Refrigerate ~30 minutes. The original recipe called for an hour, but whatever, nobody's going to wait that long.
- Store in a cool, dry place in a sealed container. If it's summertime, you might want to refrigerate them.

For variety, mix up the pecan part. You can use a mix of dried fruits and nuts, different nuts, nuts and seeds, seeds and fruits, just dried fruits (I'm planning to make these with dried banana slices next) - use your imagination.

You could probably also drizzle caramel on any of these variations, but that means a) more work and b) more fat/calories/cholesterol, and that kills the excuse that it's healthy food.

... do it anyway.